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Winglet Technology Receives Citation X FAA STC TOLD and MZFW Approvals

(November, 2015) - Wichita, Kansas-based Winglet Technology announced today that it has received FAA approval of its STC AFMS Take-Off and Landing Data ...
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Winglet Technology Citation X Sets Speed Record

(November, 2012) - A Cessna Citation X equipped with Winglet Technology (Booth No. 1743) elliptical winglets set an unofficial speed record October 28 by ...
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Winglet firm to test modified Citation X with flight from Anchorage to Miami

(October, 2012) - A Wichita winglet design firm plans to set a transcontinental speed record ...
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30 Years in, Flying Keeps Pilot for Broncos' Owner Grinning

(April, 2011) - That trip really gave us a good show as to what the winglets can do.
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Citation X Grows Winglets

(Sep 10, 2010) - The fastest civilian airplane now climbs higher and faster with graceful new winglets.
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Winglet Technology receives EASA approval Elliptical Winglet STC for Cessna Citation X

(April 30, 2010) - Winglet Technology, LLC received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval of their Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) permitting the installation of the Elliptical Winglets on the Cessna Citation X ...
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Installations of Winglet Technology’s Elliptical Winglet STC on Citation X Now Underway at the Wichita Cessna Service Center

(October 16, 2009) — Winglet Technology, LLC and Cessna Aircraft Company have begun installing the world’s fastest winglet for the world’s fastest business jet! Since receiving...
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Aero-TV: Improving the Citation X - Cessnas Elliptical Winglets Update

(September 30, 2009) — Wichita Service Center discusses the Winglets Retrofit...
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