Program Overview

Winglet Technology, LLC and Cessna Aircraft Company have collaborated to develop the world’s fastest winglet for the world’s fastest civilian aircraft with a maximum operating speed of .92 Mach ...
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The Elliptical winglet design provides significant performance improvements for the Citation X, including increased speed at higher altitudes, improved take-off performance, reduced time-to-climb, increased range and payload, improved cross wind capability, and improved directional stability ...
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STC Installation

The STC installation includes the addition of the winglets, structural reinforcement to the outboard wing, winglet and tail navigation/anti-collision light, and upgrade of ...
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STC Retrofit Kit Installation

The installation of the Citation X winglet STC Retrofit Kits are currently being performed at Textron Aviation owned Service Centers and Constant Aviation. The owner/operator contracts directly with ...
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Product Support

Winglet Technology provides 24/7 product support of the Citation X winglet STC by providing spare parts and rental winglets. Winglet Technology provide 24/7 technical support of the Citation X winglet STC.