Winglet Technology, LLC, Cessna Aircraft Company, and Duncan Aviation have collaborated to upgrade the Cessna Citation Sovereign business jet with Winglet Technology’s unique Transitional winglet design.

The Transitional winglet upgrade will provide Sovereign owners and operators with even greater operational flexibility along with a 475 lb gross weight increase. The Transitional winglet design provides superior aerodynamic performance across a broad range of Mach numbers and operating conditions. The Transitional winglet design ensures the lift distribution of the wing closely matches the optimum lift distribution along the span of the wing, which significantly reduces the induced drag of the aircraft. The resulting drag reduction enhances the overall operational performance and provides significant performance benefits for the Citation Sovereign.

Winglet Technology received FAA approval of the Citation Sovereign winglet STC in August 2017. Since that time, the Citation Sovereign winglet STC has been approved by EASA (Europe), TCCA (Canada), ANAC (Brazil), and DGAC (Mexico).

The Transitional winglet provides significant performance improvements for the Citation Sovereign, including increased speed at higher altitudes, improved take-off performance, reduced time-to-climb, and increased range and payload.

  • Increased speed at higher altitudes
    35 kts faster at FL450 / ISA temp / 28,000 lbs
  • Reduced time-to-climb
    FL430 reduced from 23 to 21 minutes @ 30,775 MTOW
    FL450 reduced from 73 to 28 minutes @ 30,775 MTOW
  • Higher initial flights levels
    Direct to FL450 in 26 minutes @ 30,775 MTOW
    Direct to FL470 in 32 minutes @ 29,100 lbs TOW
  • Increased range capability
    Up to 225 NM for 1,390 lb or less payload, NBAA reserve
    Up to 340 NM for 1,780 lb or more payload, NBAA reserve
  • Increased payload capability
    Up to 85 lb payload increase for equivalent fuel load
    Up to 915 lb payload increase for equivalent range
  • Increased certified weights
    475 lb Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW) increase
    200 lb Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) increase
  • Improved climb gradient
    Improved 2nd segment climb gradient improvement
  • Reduced fuel consumption
    Up to 8% for high speed cruise flight profiles
  • Reduced direct operating costs
    Increase range reduced en-route technical stops
    Up to 1,200 lb fuel savings per technical stop avoided
  • Enhanced aircraft resale value
    Value of Transitional Winglet and GW Increase STC
  • Transitional Winglet Kit
    FAA Certification received – August 2017
    FAA approval 475 lb GW Increase – March 2018
    Separate AFMS for GW increase and TOLD

The STC Installation includes the addition of the winglets, structural reinforcement to the outboard wing, 475 lb Gross Weight Increase, and FMS update.

The winglet construction is a core stiffened carbon/epoxy laminate design which is resistant to damage. The integrated composite design eliminates external fasteners, giving it a smooth and sleek appearance. The leading edge skins are polished aluminum, and are attached with removable screws, allowing replacement in the event of damage. The attachment to the wing is an interchangeable joint which allows for convenient winglet replacement. The winglet lighting system utilizes all LED lights for significantly improved reliability.

The winglet STC Retrofit Kit price is $425,000. The owner/operator contracts directly with Winglet Technology. A $50,000 deposit is required to secure current winglet retrofit kit pricing. Winglet Technology provides a 5 year limited materials and workmanship warranty for the winglet retrofit kit.

Winglet Technology provides 24/7 product support of the Citation Sovereign winglet STC including spare parts and rental winglets. Winglet Technology also provides 24/7 technical support of the Citation Sovereign winglet STC.